Your Summer Transformation Starts Here

Patricia Lewis, a resident of Ramsbottom, serves as a local Lighter Life Mentor with a fervent dedication to aiding individuals in achieving their weight loss aspirations.

Having been a former LighterLife client herself, Patricia found inspiration to become a Mentor during the lockdown period, embarking on a new career path. Speaking to Your Local BURY, she shared, “After my training, I quickly bonded with a client and realized I could help people transform their lives and improve their health and happiness.”

With the approach of summer, along with holidays and weddings on the horizon, Patricia stands ready to assist clients in feeling confident and proud of their bodies by attaining their weight loss objectives.

Patricia elucidated, “Most diets fail because they don’t address the underlying reasons for overeating. I will help you understand your relationship with food and develop the skills to maintain your weight loss by providing free access to our unique Cognitive Behavioral Therapy program.”

One of Patricia’s notable success stories is Katrina, who sought out LighterLife to shed weight for her upcoming wedding. Witnessing Patricia’s impact in aiding her mother to lose 11 stone, Katrina was convinced that Patricia was the right person to guide her journey. She successfully shed over 5 stone and felt radiant on her wedding day.

Expressing her satisfaction with the transformation, Katrina praised Patricia as an exceptional Mentor, highlighting Patricia’s encouragement and the weekly meetings that helped her stay on track and identify necessary changes in habits to ensure long-term success. Katrina emphasized, “I genuinely felt that if I needed a little extra help or encouragement, I could approach Patricia and she would be there to assist me. I wouldn’t have lost as much weight if it wasn’t for her!”



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