Why do we need Art in our homes?

Is it to be part of an interior decoration? To make our homes better, more relaxing and colorful place. Is it an investment? What is the main inspiration to choose the particular piece of art and make it part of us?

The answer is more complex than it looks. As J. Demarco mentioned, “Art is a language meant to speak the things that can’t be said, art tells a story.”

When we decide to own an original, we have to choose from thousands of artworks around us. So how do we decide? It looks like we communicate with the painting or sculpture or maybe with the media each piece of original art is so special, personal.

The message is hidden in the fingerprints or brushstrokes. Art is a reflection on society and the times, and it documents the history of the architecture, landscape or event that happened. MASA-UK Art Gallery makes a great effort to enable communication between artists and art collectors. We are supporting local established and emerging artists, through showcasing their work at the Gallery and bringing their art closer to the society.

We are currently very excited to showcase the work by one of the world best-selling artist of 2021, Suthamma Ta Byrne. You can also enjoy the highly intense presentation of the grotesque and ludicrous forms of the human body, by Doru Ivan, Dublin, Ireland.

Many art collectors are purchasing a particular piece of art, as a way of helping the artist continue to enhance creativity as well as making themselves a part of history. Why don’t you stop by at MASA-UK Art Gallery and find your original?



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