What is Growth Mindset and Why Is It So Important in Education?

Growth Mindset and How Our Belief in Learning Can Ultimately Create a Platform for Success

The key principles, identified and published by American Carol Dweck, a renowned Stanford University psychologist, are to…

  1. Embrace Challenges: Growth mindset instils a love for challenges. Instead of avoiding difficulties, individuals with a growth mindset see them as opportunities for learning and personal development. They understand that struggle is a part of the growth process.
  2. Show Persistence in the Face of Setbacks: Setbacks are not perceived as failures but as necessary hurdles on the path to success. People with a growth mindset understand that progress requires overcoming obstacles.
  3. Believe That Effort Leads to Mastery: The belief that effort is a path to mastery is central to the growth mindset. Individuals understand that talent is just the starting point, and consistent effort is what leads to skill development and achievement.
  4. Learn from Criticism: Constructive criticism is viewed as a valuable source of feedback. Individuals with a growth mindset actively seek feedback and use it to improve, rather than taking it as a personal affront.
  5. Be Inspired by Others’ Success: Instead of feeling threatened by the success of others, individuals with a growth mindset find it motivating and educational. They seek lessons in the success stories of others.

In short, the power of believing that you can improve is the fundamental principle of what we can achieve. And as a new academic year begins, the ability to cultivate or harness it may have stunning results for people close to you.



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