Spotlight on Japanese culture at Bury Art Gallery

Masa-UK Art Gallery is delighted to be hosting a special exhibition focusing on Japanese culture in March, and among the exhibitors is Tomomi Kitzawa (Tomo) and Lynne Miller from Whitefield.

Tomomi Kitzawa (Tomo) is a Japanese artist, living and working in the Northwest of England.

Her sculptures are mostly created by the feelings she is experiencing at that moment. However, the inspiration behind her work comes from the “Ruten” a Buddhism word which means “continual change”.

That is why all her sculpture shapes are dependent of Tomomi’s emotional viewpoint, at that point in time. In her own words, Tomomi, believes that each person who encounters her work can find their emotions in them.

The work by Lynne Miller is really impressive. She found inspiration from everything around her and continued producing stunning embroidery pieces for over 40 years.

Whether it was the orchid flowers, her cat or her favourite singers like Freddy Mercury, she always finds a way to create new art. She is particularly inspired in the Japanese art, especially the art of Geishas, Shintaru Katsu and Toshiro Misune.

MASA-UK Art Gallery is looking forward to sharing this special event with the readers of Your Local BURY and look forward to celebrating Japanese culture with art, home-made sushi and wine.



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