Should I Try Hypnosis?


Are you struggling with any or all of the above. Do you find day to day living an effort and have a feeling of just wanting to run away?

Well, there is a solution – Hypnotherapy! But what exactly is hypnotherapy and how can it help?

Firstly hypnotherapy is not like stage hypnotism – no one is waving a long, gold chain connected to a pocket watch across your face while making you do silly things. In addition, no one can make you do anything you don’t want to do. Hypnosis is a natural state of the mind and we experience it daily without realising it. It`s when we are listening to our favourite song, or immersed in a gripping movie and when we’re daydreaming. In a nutshell, hypnosis involves deep relaxation and guided suggestions but no hypnotherapist can control someone else`s mind: indeed the actual power of change lies within the mind of the hypnotised person.

Dr Michael Mosley on a recent Horizon programme, highlighted some very important observations. There was a particularly interesting experiment on the programme by Dr E Walsh, Dr M Mehta and Dr Q Deeley at Kings College. They did a hypnosis study using a MRI scanner. Under Hypnosis their results were very interesting as the scans showed that participants who had been hypnotised to do automatic writing showed that completely different areas activated in their brain, compared to when they were asked to pretend to write automatically whilst still under hypnosis. It was clearly seen on the MRI scans that areas of the brain were activated under hypnosis. This shows that neurological changes take place in hypnosis which support what hypnotherapists know. Neurological changes and the way language is used in hypnosis is what help patients positively change their condition.

In practice hypnotised people comment on the pleasant relaxation, confidence boosts and changes that they feel following hypnotherapy sessions and beyond. Hypnotherapy works by accessing the unconscious mind supporting a range of conditions from stress and anxiety to those seeking more serenity in their lives by introducing a range of therapeutic techniques. A well-qualified hypnotherapist will work with you personally using their tailor-made approach to the condition. There is no comparison with techniques used by a qualified hypnotherapist and a stage hypnotist. Hypnotherapy is a serious profession that cares about your well- being and confidentiality at all times.

The conditions that clients present with are wide and varied and hypnotherapy can make the difference to empower you. The world is ever-changing in our work lives and personal lives. This can create stress, anxiety, performance and confidence Issues and much more, hypnotherapy can make a difference and do wonders by reprogramming the subconscious mind.

Hypnosis itself reduces anxiety, and this is done very simply through relaxation and visualisation, allowing the client to focus on the positive aspects of their life that encourage a shift in perspective. Release yourself with whatever is holding you back in life today. Regain a positive equilibrium, it’s time to become more confident, feel empowered and be in control of your destiny.




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