Read, Imagine, Become Someone Else

Local Poet and Author, Stephen Webb is pleased to announce his latest accomplishment is completed from his gift in words. A sci-fi fantasy novel ‘Silkhysteria’ has now launched.
It is available in paperback and Kindle versions on Amazon. Publishers in the UK, USA and Australia to date have responded with positive reviews, taken interest to publish and in process of promoting the novel.
Albeit a fantasy story, in essence, it does relate to global history, present time realities and possible known futures of our planet inhabitants. Travel or research the ‘Silk Road’ over hundreds of years and you will realise how adventurous journeys have impacted life on earth. Coming to life are new transformations of DNA, communications, transportation, environmental changes, social and economic evolution, new world discoveries and more. His story will transport you on a journey into the future beyond the year 2050.
Read the lines of words, imagine between them, picture yourself there, become someone else a while. His creativity will outweigh any certainty. A game of existence will evolve in your mind that is ‘Silkhysteria’.
Stephen resides in Prestwich and has been a regular contributor to ‘Poetry Corner’ of our magazine in past years. Previously in 2018 his poetry book, ‘Perceptions’ was published and accepted into libraries of the UK. To find out more on Stephen’s writings, please do visit his website;


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