Outside Pampering Achieves Finalist Award

Hair stylist, Kaye Volante, knows more than some families how important it is to keep safe during this pandemic, after sadly losing her brother to COVID-19 last April. She explained to Your Local BURY, “After losing Phil, I just wanted to make sure my clients could be in a safe environment while getting their hair done, and so Alfresco Hair was born out of a desire to keep my clients safe.”

The idea of Alfresco Salon came after seeing a picture of a barber working outdoors in the 1918 influenza pandemic, and Kaye thought it would be great to recreate a salon outside. Deborah Thomas, owner of Redds Hair and Beauty in Radcliffe, where Kaye works part time, decided to redesign her rooftop and there the Alfresco Salon opened its doors.

Though it was originally set up for clients who were shielding, vulnerable or anxious, Alfresco Hair is open any clients and Kaye reports that those who would normally be having a haircut inside love to opt for the new outside option.
Kaye was quick to point out: “Obviously because of how unpredictable English weather can be, it’s open to its challenges, but there is an option to move inside, if needed, with an additional air purification system.”

And it seems that it’s not just her customers that love the Alfresco environment; her idea has helped the salon reach the finals of the UK Hair & Beauty Awards 2021. Kaye was thrilled and told Your Local BURY, “The interest in the salon has been phenomenal, not only because it’s unique, but also because people are scared about COVID-19. It’s so nice to see people relax when they realise how much care and attention I put into keeping them safe. I really hope Phil is looking down at what I have created in memory of him.”


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