On the road again

With many of the UK’s best roads wind their way through, along and on top of stunning geological features, there are some ‘must-drive’ to be explored.

1. A838, Laxford Bridge to Tongue, Scotland
A road that pivots through the Highlands’ incredible natural beauty. At 77 miles it is the perfect distance to savour sea vistas and mountain landscapes, yet with an average of just 96 vehicles using it each day, you really will feel you have your own slice of tarmac.

2. The M6 Toll
The sheer joy of gliding along the M6 toll is a sensation like no other. Always clear of incidents, its winding, graceful curves allow fast and satisfying driving. In fact, a recent poll found the average speed of all vehicles on the road to be 76mph, a full 6mph above the speed limit.

3. B3135, Cheddar Gorge
In total, a 14-mile stretch of winding bends and stunning Somerset scenery that envelops drivers and passengers in its Hobbit-like charm before, finally, diving off the Mendip Hills to land tourists in the wondrous landscape that is Cheddar Gorge… menacingly, yet beautiful.

4. A592, Windermere to Penrith
Better known as the Kirkstone Pass, this incredible route reaches almost 1,500ft, with spectacular valley views, drystone walls and wonderful winding roads.

5. The Snake Pass
Edging through the Peak District towards Glossop, the Snake Pass is true to its name in offering a slithering track often seen on car adverts, with elevation and adverse camber testing driving skills to the max.



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