On Focus: Radcliffe

Lying within the Irwell Valley, much of Radcliffe’s recent history was its paper industry, which included Radcliffe Paper Mill and The East Lancashire Paper Mill, the latter now has plans to build up to 400 new homes, a new riverside public park and sports facilities on the 22-hectare derelict site.

Just one tram stop from Bury on the Metrolink commute to Manchester, Radcliffe is also home to the popular community owned and run market hall, with an exciting and unique range of stalls providing fresh and local food, ethical products and local services.

In addition to the fantastic food stalls all cooking fresh to order, you can also grab a drink or two from the Market Bar and enjoy the special atmosphere under its iconic roof, along with live music and special events. There are also artisan, handmade and specialist markets throughout the year.

The town also boasts some great walking and cycling routes, along the Outwood nature trail and the canal route from Radcliffe to Bury are a couple of favourites.

Canal walk & cycle pathway Credit: Photo by Maurice Clegg

History buffs might enjoy a visit to the small parish and township centred around the Church of Saint Mary, and the manorial Radcliffe Tower. These are both now Grade I listed buildings that you can visit (of which there are only 48 in Greater Manchester). Radcliffe also has an array of lovely parks including Bolton Road Park, Close Park and Coronation Park, which are perfect to enjoy a stroll around and even a nice picnic.

Whilst there are successful independent shops and businesses in Radcliffe, it’s been felt for some time that major investment is needed to boost the town’s fortunes further.

Christian Wakeford MP for Bury South



Your Local BURY spoke to Christian Wakeford MP, who has an office in the town centre and he told us, “Working in collaboration with Bury Council we’ve submitted a £20 million bid to the Government’s Levelling Up Fund for the regeneration of Radcliffe Town Centre. The regeneration would see the creation of new leisure and civic facilities, including a swimming pool, in the heart of the town. The bid offers an opportunity for us to update and replace those functions that the town has been missing for too many years. With cross-party support and a focus on delivering for the town, it feels like Radcliffe doesn’t have to be the forgotten town in the borough. The bid centres on what can be done to revitalise the hub of the community which the excellent work on renovating the market started.

Further to this, back in February, the Education Secretary made the long awaited decision to announce that a new high school will be built in Radcliffe. Together the Levelling Up Fund and the new High School are huge and exciting opportunities, putting pride back into our town and making our area a better place to live, work and raise a family.”


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