New Staircase Showroom Now Open!

Statley Holmes Limited is a family business based in Bury, with 35 years of experience in bespoke staircase renovations, and are proud to announce the opening of their new showroom at 384 Parr Lane, Unsworth.
Stephanie from Statley Holmes told us, “After a lot of hard work, dedication and support from our wonderful customers we are very proud to announce the opening of our showroom. Our potential customers will be truly inspired, as they can come along to see and feel the quality of our products for themselves. “Staircases are often left neglected and untouched for an extended period of time. Our service helps bring your staircase back to life by designing and installing a layout that best matches the characteristics of your home. Our staircases are designed and fitted by craftsman and passion we create staircases that become a real focal point of your home.
“All installations are carried out using only the highest quality materials available to make sure that we follow through with our promise of making your staircase the new stand out feature in your
home. At Statley Holmes we take pride in every single flight of stairs that we restructure. We have a hugepassion for customer satisfaction and going the extra mile to transform staircases.”



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