New Craft Shop Opens In Radcliffe And Showcases On TV!

A local family has taken the craft world by storm and not only created a brand new ink product but also appeared on TV, created an online store and opened a new shop in Radcliffe!

After becoming frustrated by the inks he was using in his card making business, local crafter Simon Kendall-Stokes turned his skills to producing his own inks to adorn his handmade products. However, he was quickly discovered by the craft television channel and asked to showcase his special inks and subsequently his pads and accessories. “What started as a hobby quickly turned into a fantastic new venture” Simon was delighted to tell Your Local BURY Magazine. “My passion for crafts started at an early age when I began crafting with my mum and sister and now it’s great to be working with them in this new venture.

The name evolved from us creating a pearlescent ink range and also a line of inks called ‘winks’ and hence ‘Pearlywinks’ was born! After many comments from fans loving the new name, it stuck.” Simon’s sister Donna is now the main face on TV where she demonstrates Pearlywinks products and although Simon occasionally appears on camera, his main role has now become the online store and the main shop in Radcliffe. Talking about the future of the business Simons has his sights on some ambitious plans, “I have a wonderful room here ready to start teaching craft classes when COVID calms down and I’m really looking forward to growing the business in this shop and then opening many more in the future.”


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