New Computer Skills Hub Comes To Bury

A new centre specialising in digital programming skills is coming to Bury. Sovereign House GH (‘SH’) is an international charity, empowering children to maximise their full potential. Having successfully run in Salford they are excited to be bringing the programme to a new area.
They provide a Computer Learning Programme (CLP) which is not taught as standard in the school system. The CLP focuses on the children’s future to gain a positive outcome, serves as a hub where life and work skills training are gained, to build their confidence, boost their chances of future employment, and empower them.
We work with the child’s pace of learning, to understand the concept and to use the skills acquired effectively. The programme is all inclusive with mixed abilities, aiding in developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills. In addition to the peer support system built around the programme, the students have access to mentors who are drawn from the local universities and professionals working in the field of technology.
The programme teaches both theoretical and practical aspects of software and hardware technology. The Teachers and Support Assistants helps with learning at your own pace, providing the support needed, whether as a beginner, or enhancing your IT skills. The sessions run from Monday to Friday, for different age groups and mixed abilities. Some of the programming models available include HTML, CSS, Python, Cyber Security & Cyber bullying, Data Management & Visualization, Internet & Network Security and many more.
For the first time they are now also offering the programme to adults. With the many technological changes in today’s world, assistance is often needed to keep up with latest developments and SH are will be there to help navigate the new landscape.



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