New Book Release By Local Resident Stephen Webb

Stephen pictured with his new book Tebaphla.

‘Tebaphla’ is a compilation of poetic stories written by local resident Stephen Webb over many years now from his fictional location of Rhyme Island. A compendium of discoveries that have befriended him in the familiar and unfamiliar, rational, and irrational. Inevitably it comes to perceptions, interests, inclinations which Stephen hopes bring purpose and resonation to other people.

Within the poetic stories you will be the main character.

Your aspiring creative mind ventures into the fictional realms, stem constant research learnings and realities of life. It may be some of you could describe yourself akin to often producing literary fairy tales. His stories told from the mind of himself but also on observations of others as they may see themselves.

As characters blended in scenes come alive it’s like they appear in a mirror of us revealing much more as read. From a rough idea where one may go, or wish to, improvisation happens along the way.

Don’t hurry, just enjoy them all.

Around twelve years ago now he created the background facility for his writing, ‘Rhyme Island.’ This has grown from the potential of Stephen and diversified with his visions in becoming a reality.

The hope is that it delivers to one or many, a rhyme, a smile and, or a resonation for enjoyment and everlasting thoughts.

From a rough idea where one may go, or wish to, improvisation happens along the way. Stephen has lived in countries like Australia, the United Kingdom and Malaysia and travelled to many more globally over his sixty-seven plus years of human life. His travels, ability to adapt, to mix with all races and genders, have growing friendships, brief encounters feature in his writings and poems.

‘Tebaphla’ is now available in Kindle and Paperback versions over on Amazon.



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