New Art Exhibition At MASA UK

Masa-UK Art Gallery is based in Bury just opposite the East Lancashire train station. Even though there is only a small display window on the ground floor, as mentioned in an article by Richard Morris (2021) in the Manchester Finest, “as Matija showed me each of three floors, the sheer quality of the work grew to an eye-popping rate”, it exceeds visitor’s expectations.

On the ground floor Matija curates an exhibition of the latest watercolours and acrylics by one of the greatest British artists, Malcolm Lucas. Then there’s an impressive exhibition by Christine Southworth on the top floor.

Often compared to Schiele, Christine Southworth tells the stories and spread the massages across through her figurative paintings and drawings. External appearance is minor to the artistic realization of spiritual and emotional substance. The pain, the frustration, the exclusion, the worries the love, can be felt communicated within Christine’s work.

While at the Gallery you can also enjoy the artwork by cityscape artist Mark Beresford, Olga Lomax, Bury born Nigel Stewart, the abstract works by Darko Taleski and many others.



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