Masa UK Art Gallery Celebrates 10 years of Cultural Enrichment

In the heart of Bury, a remarkable art hub has thrived amidst the challenges of the past decade, particularly the recent adversities from the Covid crisis and economic hardships. This year, the Masa UK Art Gallery proudly marks its 10th anniversary, standing as a testament to resilience, dedication, and an unwavering passion for art.

Often dubbed the “hidden treasure of Bury,” the gallery has consistently showcased a blend of eclectic original artworks. Their collection ranges from emerging talents to seasoned artists, making it a magnet for art enthusiasts, collectors, and casual visitors alike. The inviting ambiance of the gallery ensures everyone feels at home, allowing them to immerse themselves in the carefully curated pieces.

This November, art aficionados have something special to look forward to. Manchester’s own Jacqueline Taylor will be presenting her work, renowned for capturing the essence of everyday life in a relatable and genuine style. Recently, one of her masterpieces found its way to the prestigious Manchester Art Gallery. Taylor’s paintings promise viewers an immersive experience, urging them to craft their own narratives and understandings.

But the gallery’s offerings don’t stop there. Surrealistic wonders by Suthamma Ta Byrne, known globally on Singulart, sit alongside abstracts by the acclaimed Darko Taleski, and treasures by award-winners like Les Heywood, Lita Narayan, Malcolm Lucas, Christine Southworth, Tim Schofield, and many more. Spread over three expansive floors, the gallery is a haven for art lovers.

For those unsure about making a purchase, Matija and her team extend professional advice, helping visitors select the perfect piece that speaks to them. Whether one is an established art collector or just starting their journey, all are welcome. And if you’re in need of framing or organizing your artwork, the gallery’s team is on hand to guide you.

Discover more of their collection online at, or celebrate art and culture by paying them a visit!



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