Local Business Spotlight: Bury Financial Advisors

Money talk with Bury Financial Advisers...

In our Business Spotlight this month, Your Local Bury interviewed Matthew Green, a Financial Planner who’s part of the dedicated team at Bury Financial Advisors.

Can you tell the readers a little about yourself?

I grew up and still live locally in Whitefield and I’m a business graduate from Leeds University. I worked for Bury Financial Advisers during the summer, whilst undertaking my Degree and enjoyed it so much that I knew I wanted to pursue a career in finance. So when a position became available I immediately applied and haven’t looked back.

Why did you choose the career of a Financial Planner?

This wasn’t a career I decided on while I was at school even though I was always good at Maths; however, with this role, I quickly learnt you have to also be more of a people person. My role here is to make sure our customers are getting the best deal and advice on how their money can work for them. That’s what I love most about working within this team; you actually get to build a rapport with the customer, you’re helping them with their finances for the future. It’s great to know I’m actually making a difference to people’s lives long term, its great job satisfaction.

Due to COVID-19 and sadly many people losing their jobs, have you seen a big change within your industry?

Yes, our finances come to the forefront of our minds when there’s a life change like losing your income. We have been advising our customers about their pensions and people consolidating perhaps three or four smaller pensions from their career into one pension fund. People are put off initially because they think it’s going to be hard work trying to sort all the paperwork so I remind them that’s why we are here. We do all the hard work and to get the best final figure that’s going accessible in retirement. We have a broad range of customers, from those in their early twenties who are just creating a pension to those in their sixties and seventies who are just starting to access their pension and want to make sure it’s a steady income for them to enjoy.

Could you give our readers a few top tips with our money?

Of course, I have to say with pensions it’s never too late to start! We encourage you to get advice with your finances and not to be afraid of the future. Another good tip is if you get a pay rise, rather than spending it, to think about investing it, so you have
a lump sum to spend in the future. Here at Bury Financial Advisors, we can advise you for free. I’ve seen so many of our customers so worried for months about their money and after a chat with them, you can see their relief as they realise, this can be all sorted for them and that that burden has been lifted.


Quick Fire Questions!

What’s your Dream Car?

Without any hesitation a McLaren 720s in blue!

What are your Hobbies?

I actually love going to the gym and keeping fit.

What’s your Favourite TV Programme?

I have to say its Friends especially the character Joey!

Which is your favourite business?

That’s an easy one! My girlfriend works at a Salon called Blown at Whitefield and of course, that’s my favourite local business!


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