Jubilaah Your Majesty

Jubilee, Jubilaah, Jubilee, Jubilahahahahahaha

Let us all live and laugh our very best to be happy

Exciting layers of excitement on top of the traditional

In celebration of Her Majesty, a sense of matriarchal

Ma’am loves horsing about in palace grounds abound

Displays a lovely sense of humour ever since crowned

Service to a family of own but also ones of many nations

Faithful dedication to cause through trials and tribulations

Wardrobes of attire for any occasion worn to say “Hello”

Designs of couture arrive in colours even more than a rainbow

Courtesies are reciprocated by all who meet a very special lady

Milestones, celebrations, galas, carnivals, fetes of a commonality

Like the metal itself, soft and ductile with resistance to corrosion

Her Majesty is honoured in ‘Platinum’ an occasion second to none

Yes, let us sing out loud and believe in that and more Your Majesty

To our Queen let’s sing Jubilee, Jubilaah, Jubilee, Jubilahahahahahaha


By Stephen Webb



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