Its All In The Name For New Business

When it comes to choosing a name for your business it can consume you. You can go down a rabbit hole and lose hours, if not days trying to come up with a name. It was late October 2020 when we were knee deep in Canine Development Courses when we started talking about family surnames. On one side of this partnership, the family name has been carried on because the majority of children that were born were male. But the other side was the polar opposite.

Ashburner is soon to be lost as generation after generation produced girls and then subsequently got married. Hours passed as we spoke about what the business could be called. It wasn’t until Angel’s head was about to hit the pillow did the idea become clear. So, a quick message to ask Jay’s opinion soon resulted in another item being ticked off the ever-growing list of things to do. We became Ashburner Pet Services.

Ashburner is an occupational name that is derived from the words ‘aska’ meaning ‘ashes’ and ‘brenna’ meaning burn. Hence, Ashburner. It’s interesting to know that it was mainly found in the Lake District where charcoal was manufactured in the Middle Ages. To us, it’s family. It reminds us of fond memories or when grandparents would live down the street, family trips to the cinema, the smells of Nan’s gravy on a Sunday.

The name formed our core values. We strive to provide a service that mirrors the loyalty and comfort of our elders. We will ensure your pets are cared for like they are our own. Our name means a lot to us. It’s a name we value, respect and fills us joy.


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