In Pursuit of Winter Sun

Whether you prefer basking in the rich historical ambience of Egypt, the vibrant cultures of Andalucia or Goa, or the beach vibes of Lanzarote, there’s a sunny corner of the world waiting to warm you.

Home to the Great Pyramids, the Sphinx, and countless ancient temples, British tourists flock here for the dry, mild weather, addicted to the unique vibe that emanates from bustling markets like Khan el-Khalili in Cairo, offering an enticing blend of ancient and modern cultures.

  • Avg temp (winter): 20°C
  • Travel time: 5hrs (around £350 return).

Lanzarote: Lanzarote offers a unique lunar-like landscape adorned with beaches, volcanic vistas, and a rich biosphere reserve. The island’s vibrant culture, colourful carnivals, and relaxed vibe, combined with outdoor activities, make it an unbeatable winter destination.

  • Avg temp (winter): 20°C
  • Travel time: 4hrs (around £200 return).

Andalucia: Andalucia in southern Spain, known for its sunshine, flamenco, and historic architecture. With famed attractions such as the Alhambra in Granada and Seville’s stunning cathedral, the region brims with cultural riches.

  • Avg temp (winter): 16°C
  • Travel time: 2hrs 50mins (around £150 return).

Goa: India’s beachfront jewel, Goa, boasts beautiful beaches, Portuguese-influenced architecture, vibrant nightlife, and a unique blend of Indian and European cultures, with the local markets and spice farms offering unique shopping and culinary experiences.

  • Avg temp (winter): 32°C
  • Travel time: 9hrs, usually with one stop (around £600 return).



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