Hypnotherapy For Confidence

Feeling confident is so much more important than appearing confident.

Hypnotherapy can help in a number of different ways. Gaining confidence is unique to you and what you wish to achieve, so tackling it from any angle is possible, but it can help to have a little support. Here are a few examples of how hypnotherapy could be used to support you release your inner confidence.

Preparing for a significant event that feels particularly daunting

For example, a driving test or giving a speech.
• Visualising the scenario so that you become more comfortable and less intimidated.
• Seeing yourself successfully achieving it and gaining confidence in the concept that you can do this.
• Practising and rehearsing so that you are surer of what you are doing.
• Equip you with calming strategies to help you remain focused and on task.

Putting yourself forward for a new challenge or opportunity

For example, a job opportunity, moving house or going on a date.
• Ego bolstering – reassuring you that you are as worthy as anyone else to have this opportunity and that you have the means to achieve it.
• Encourage you to focus on what qualities and skills you already possess while working on the tools you may need to face the challenge head-on.
• Help you develop reassuring strategies that ensure you keep calm but also are bold enough to face the situation.

Your confidence doesn’t have to be loud and brash. It can be quiet, subtle, strong and sturdy. Being sure of yourself can be peaceful and reassuring, so whatever type of person you are, you can still be a confident one. Hypnotherapy can help you find your inner confidence if it’s hiding away and holding you back.

by Hayley Keimel, Insight Hypnotherapy.



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