How To Grow A Prize-Winning Flower Of Education

The seed of success must be sown early, nurtured continuously and handled with care to ensure that it blossoms fully and to its true potential, no matter what the weather! This is no better demonstrated than in the case for our Year 6 pupils, who have magnificently negotiated entrance exams during the most unusual year known for generations. Each year, our Year 6 cohort at Bury Catholic Preparatory School sit a multitude of exams at a wide variety of the prestigious Grammar Schools all over the North West, and each year they produce phenomenal results, but to those familiar with our school and its reputation, this is nothing new. This year is different, though, and not only because of the pandemic and all the disruptions caused by it to daily life, but also because children (and schools) have had to sail ‘blind’ into uncharted waters of new and unprecedented methods of assessment!

Throughout all the lockdowns, at Bury Catholic Preparatory School, we have never stopped teaching and children have never stopped learning, through online ‘live’ lessons and through work packs, hand-delivered by our dedicated staff. This said, there really is no learning environment like the school classroom and unfortunately, for children moving into Year 6 for this academic year, the conditions for exam preparation were less than optimal! Add to that the uncertainty from Grammar Schools as to how and when entrance examinations would take place when we launched into sudden lockdown without warning in January 2021, and it is easy to imagine how ten-year old children could so easily be completely overwhelmed. Not our children! They took all these mighty challenges in their stride and this year’s cohort have matched our usual brilliance in no uncertain terms. But to have done it under the circumstances and restrictions of this year is quite extraordinary.

Despite the precarious circumstances, our Year 6 boast 100% EXAM SUCCESS including some Scholarships/ Bursaries! BCPS has nurtured their confidence, their independence and their self-belief over so many years and these qualities, which we encourage and align ourselves to so vehemently in our school, have stood them in the greatest stead.

And rest assured, this success is not the result of one unusual year of schooling. From the very beginning at Bury Catholic Preparatory School, whilst attending our academic Nursery (even just for the 15 or 30 free hours a week) our boys and girls are taught to set their standards high and aim for the best. Certainly, research underlines that up to 90 percent of brain development happens in the first five years of life, setting the foundation for later learning and success in college, career and life. Our curriculum framework is based on a finite timescale within which we must identify, recognise and cater to the individual needs of each child in order to help them achieve their goals by Year 6. So, we start very early and keep class sizes small throughout the school (10-15!) to ensure that our highly committed teachers know each child intrinsically and create robust and individualised learning packages to help every child excel.

From the very start of their school careers, children are challenged and stretched to their full cognitive capacity, with young children and older ones playing and working together through our buddying system. Each younger child aspires to be like the older ones and to achieve as highly as they do. Our rich, family-like school community, where everyone gets involved and is in tune with the common goal, secures the very best environment and futures for our children.

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