Home Adaptations With Assisted Lifestyle

Four years ago, Dan moved his successful construction company Tech Build to new northern headquarters to be closer to family and enjoy a less hectic lifestyle away from London. Over the past year, Dan found they were installing more and more adapted bathrooms and kitchens as COVID-19 increased the importance of staying in your own home or with family.

Realising that their supportive, customer-friendly way of working could really smooth the whole process for people needing help to stay in their own homes, Dan launched Assisted Lifestyle to offer specialist home adaptations with the focus firmly on the customer.

As Dan explains: “Through Tech Build we were installing 10 adapted bathrooms and kitchens a week for other companies, but we wanted to offer customers a more personalised and supportive service from start to finish. We wanted to bring not only our high level of installation but also the very best standards of customer service. “We’re a family company and we believe in treating every customer as if they are family too,” says Dan. “Helping people to stay in their own home by providing adapted but still beautiful bathrooms and kitchens is something we are really passionate about. We measure our service against whether we would be happy with it for our own parents, so we’re not satisfied unless our customers are delighted.

Dan and Mark agree that one of the big differences in the service they offer is the designated project management provided to each of their customers: “At no extra cost, you have a project manager available at all times, making site visits and answering any questions. They ensure you are happy and that the whole process runs smoothly with minimal disruption. We really care about making everything perfect and getting it right the first time.”

Assisted Lifestyle offer solutions to suit a wide range of budgets tailored to your individual requirements. They are experienced in providing all home solutions from adaptation pods when clients need immediate solutions to bring loved ones home quickly to whole-house and futureproofing projects.



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