Grant Success for Radcliffe Community Projects

A group of volunteers working under the Growing Together umbrella in Radcliffe, several groups including Radcliffe Anglers, Radcliffe Football Club, Radcliffe Litter Pickers, and Radcliffe Primary School have secured £40,000 from the Greater Manchester Environment Fund. The project areas include Redbank Lodges, Radcliffe Primary School, Radcliffe Football Club, and Milton Road Field. Over the course of 2024, this funding will be utilized to enhance each area, discouraging anti-social behavior and fostering a more community-friendly environment. Initial efforts have involved clearing overgrown areas and eliminating fly-tipping, with the installation of a pond-dipping platform.

Recently, Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham visited the project areas to review the plans. He expressed satisfaction with the proposed activities, stating that they align with the vision behind the Greater Manchester Environment Fund.

A portion of the funding will go towards community projects. Gill Smith, speaking to Your Local BURY, mentioned plans to establish a north site where individuals can cultivate their own fruit and vegetables, as well as setting up community orchards equipped with bird and bat boxes. Additionally, there are aims to create wildflower meadows and introduce native species to attract various animals and insects.

For those interested in volunteering, further information can be found by following Redbank Partnership and Growing Together on Facebook or by contacting them via email at



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