Gallery Supports Local Artists

Mass UKArt Gallery owner, Matija Sapundzieska, spoke to Your Local BURY about the difficulties of the past year and how they have continued to support local artists.

“It has been a long time in self-isolations and lockdowns, seeing death and illnesses all-around, listening about numbers, statistics, infected, deaths…sometimes we forget that those numbers represent real people with families and lives. Trying to stay positive (while being negative) highlights how much art is important for the society and wellbeing. Writing about how much art and culture suffer right now, and how much artists need our support doesn’t make sense, because it is so obvious. Or maybe this is not entirely true! In these challenging times artists are actually the fortunate ones from one point of view. Art gives them freedom to go and fly above and beyond the borders, to create and travel while closed in the studio, attic or kitchen. They are fearless, artists are telling stories, their version of the truth.

During the lockdown, we tried to support artists and our gallery. As the gallery was closed for almost a year, we worked very hard to create a chance for the artwork by our local artists to be seen worldwide. We invested a lot of time and money to promote them on one of the biggest selling art platforms ARTSY (

Artist like George Clayton from Whitefield, his emotional, subtle watercolours are now seen by visitors from all around the World. The show by exceptionally talented Christine Southworth from Horwich was featured on Artsy, the promising young artist Ivan Evans is there with many more local artists …

Looking forward to seeing you soon at Masa-UK Art Gallery or online. You can do your bit by visiting and following our artists on, and and of course by investing in your favourite piece of art.



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