Friendship Group Welcomes Japanese Visitors

They are members of an international organization called “Friendship Force,” which was established in 1977 with the goal of fostering friendships and cultural understanding. The inaugural event took place between Atlanta, Georgia in the USA and Newcastle upon Tyne. Newly elected President Jimmy Carter was among the Americans who stayed with residents of Newcastle. Since then, the organization has expanded, even being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1992. The Greater Manchester club was founded in 1984, and its members have since traveled to numerous countries around the world, hosting groups from a similar number of countries in return.

The members of FF Greater Manchester have organized an itinerary for their Japanese guests, which includes a walking tour of central Manchester, a day trip to Chester, and a visit to Castle Howard. Following their stay, the group will spend a second week hosted by FF Isle of Wight. Some members of the Greater Manchester club will reconnect with friends, having been hosted by FF Ota during their trip to Japan in 2005. Additionally, this year, the Manchester club will travel to Canada for two weeks of hosting, and some members will accompany FF Leicestershire on their journey to South Africa and Kenya.



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