Former Head Teacher Pens a Sci Fi Trilogy

Local author Graham Howarth has been a science fiction aficionado for many years and recently had the first of his sci-fi novel published, called Alliance. Graham is a retired primary school head teacher who lives in Bury, said the idea came from a short story he wrote after he retired. It then became the basis for a trilogy which includes sequels Containment and Infinity.

Alliance delves into what happens when humans discover that they are not alone in the vastness of the Universe. Graham said: “The character in the original short story is the main character in all three books.” Theodore Newsome’s space cadet training is abruptly cut short not far from completion when he is thrown in at the deep end along with three of his fellow space cadets. Theodore makes contact with an alien civilization that he discovers is being attacked. He and his fellow trainees resolve to help them fight the enemy.

Alliance is the first novel in his Far Future trilogy that then moves on to Containment and then Infinity. The later books in the series continue to follow Theodore’s quest to save the alien civilization from their enemy and protect the human race. Alliance is Published by Austin Macauley Publishers it is available on and Amazon and all major booksellers.

Graham has also written his autobiography, “If Only I’d Asked” plus “The Burrs Country Park” – a record in poems and pictures, including a brief history of the park. Both have been self-published for local sale.



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