Far-flung Fiction

This month, books to transport you to wherever your imagination desires.

Before Take-off by Adi Alsaid
Two teens, James and Michelle, meet and fall in love during a layover-gone-wrong at the Atlanta airport, intrigued by  a mysterious flashing green light, which turns out to be a button. Michelle presses it, kicking off a chain of strange and seemingly impossible events, from snowstorms inside B terminal to jungles sprouting up in C terminal, as earthquakes split the ground apart in between. The duo must team up to find their families and escape before it’s too late. Published by Knopf Books on June 7th


My Name is Jason. Mine too by Jason Reynolds and Jason Griffin
A poet and an artist, Jason Reynolds and Jason Griffi n have always pursued a single unity and journey on the way to making their dreams come true. Willing to have a life not un-hard, so long as it wasn’t unhappy, willing to let New Yorkswallow them whole, so long as it gave them their chance, this is the story of how they have gained global recognition through art and creativity. From lighthearted recollections to deeply thought-out concepts – “what if painting was a sin, and the poetry became no one ever is, would you?” – this is a glowing tribute. Published by Simon and Schuster on June 28th

Old Rage by Sheila Hancock
At one point, Sheila Hancock looked like she was managing and even thriving in old age, yet shocking diagnoses, Brexit and bereavement seemed to knock her from every quarter. And that was before lockdown. Home alone, classified as ‘extremely vulnerable’, she finds herself yelling at the TV and talking to the pigeons. Yet in Old Rage, Hancock can at least take a good a long look at life – her work and family, her beliefs (many of them the legacy of her wartime childhood) and, uncomfortable as it might be to face, her future. Published by Bloomsbury on June 9th

Access All Areas by Barbara Charone
To know Barbara Charone is to know music. First as a journalist and then a publicist at Warner Bros for nearly 20 years, Charone has experienced, first-hand, the changes in the cultural landscape. Access All Areas is a personal, insightful and humorous memoir packed with stories of being on the cultural frontline, from first writing press releases on a typewriter driven by Tip Ex, then as a press officer for heavy metal bands, to launching Madonna, an unknown girl from Detroit. Published by White Rabbit on June 23rd



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