Express Treat For Turkish Food Lovers!

Anatolian Grill, a firm favourite with food lovers in Prestwich Village, is opening a new venture named Anatolian Express on Bury Old Road, Prestwich.

Head chef and owner Duran Sevi, with his manager Eric are opening a unique premium quality Turkish Kebab House. Duran and Eric have a great team behind them and have set an ambitious goal to be the finest quality kebab house in the Bury and North Manchester area.

Anatolian Express will cater for eating inside as well as take-out and will be treating customers with their traditional meat dishes prepared using only locally sourced high-quality meats. Duran said, “We want to establish a premium quality kebab house, where you can even see the chef’s cooking our amazing dishes in the kitchen. We are aiming to deliver regional specialities such as kebabs and mezzes as well as Turkish desserts, such as baklava and kunefe. We will also offer freshly homemade Pizzas offering generous Turkish fillings with well-presented packaging and a first-class delivery service.” Turkey’s location where east meets west, along with its unique history and culture has resulted in an authentic cuisine that has been refined by centuries of experience.

Anatolian cuisine is one of the most varied and delicious cuisines in the world with influences from Central Asia, the Middle East and the Balkans Anatolian Express will capture this essence within their exceptional menu featuring delicious daily specialities. “We always use only the freshest and finest ingredients and enhance the dishes with traditional cooking methods which we have a lot of experience already from our restaurant.”



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