Debut Novel For Andrew

Local author, Andrew Sweeney has recently had his debut novel, “The Minority”. The book itself, is set locally in Bury and is essentially a slice of life. If you enjoy a story that is true to life and characters that you can relate to, then this is the book for you.

We go on a journey with the main character, Mikey. As he attempts to escape childhood trauma and make a normal life for himself. The further he travels both professionally and socially, he discovers there is more to people than meets his naïve eye. From trouble in his workplace, to boozy nights out, to meeting a special girl. Will his childhood trauma be overcome? And the love of his special girl prevail? Or will the bad thing and secrets from the past, destroy any chance of a normal life for Mikey?

Andrew told us, “My main inspiration in writing this book, was to explore human nature and how we treat each other. To create an understanding that there is more to people’s behaviour, than what appears on the surface. To help others understand there is always a way to improve their situations, no matter what background you may be from, or regardless of past mistakes. Also, to create better knowledge, that being different, is not always a bad thing. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses, which are unique to ourselves.”

Anybody who has an interest in a story tackling social and morality issues, that affect most of us, will benefit from reading The Minority. Just because a person is socially awkward, doesn’t mean that they should be looked down, or treated differently to others in a negative sense. The Minority is set in Bury and is published through Olympia Publishers. You can find it in the UK on Amazon, Waterstones, the publishers web site, and most other outlets.



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