Cottoning On – Ferne Cotton

With her upcoming book Scripted on the horizon, Fearne Cotton takes us on a journey through creativity, mindfulness, and a passion for storytelling.

A name synonymous with British television and radio, Fearne Cotton is a woman of many talents, as her segue into the realms of writing, podcasting, and advocating for mental health proves.

The 42-year-old’s first dalliance with pen and paper came with her book Cook Happy, Cook Healthy in 2016, where she explored shared passions for cooking and wellbeing. Since then, the former CBBC, CITV, GMTV, Top of the Pops, and Celebrity Juice presenter has penned several books, each delving into slightly different aspects of her life.

“I’ve spent most of my time on TV and radio, but writing has always been the truly therapeutic outlet for me,” says London-born Cotton. “It’s been the perfect way to explore my thoughts and emotions, and I hope that my books can resonate with others on their own personal journeys.”

Her latest literary endeavor, Scripted – which is set to be released later this summer – ventures into the world of fiction.

“It’s about a girl called Jade who feels that her boyfriend Adam doesn’t seem to have the same feelings for her as he does for his ‘brand’, but also, that she has somehow lost her way in life. “Then she starts to randomly discover these scripts that document her life; they know her life even better than she does. They depict her future in increasingly bizarre ways and their accuracy frightens her.”

It’s a literary departure for Cotton. “While my previous books were centered around my experiences and passions, this work has allowed me to step into a different creative realm, and I’ve really enjoyed that.”

Her ability to juggle diverse pursuits is a testament to versatility and dedication that, way back at the turn of the Millennium, saw her justifiably touted as one of terrestrial media’s next big things. That level of focus translates rather nicely into the fact the mother-of-two is a staunch advocate for mindfulness and mental health. Her Happy Place podcast, which features conversations with a diverse range of guests about their personal journeys, has resonated deeply with audiences.

“When I started Happy Place, I wanted to create a platform where people could openly discuss their struggles and the tools they use to find happiness and balance,” she explains. “The response has been overwhelming, and it’s been an incredible journey for me as well.”

That passion for mindfulness extends into her everyday life, helping her manage the demands of a busy career and family. “Mindfulness is a practice I rely on to stay grounded and present. It’s about finding beauty in the small moments and appreciating the journey, not just the destination.

“Every person I meet, every story I hear, adds to my understanding of the human experience,” she says. “It’s a constant source of inspiration for me.”

When asked about the biggest lesson she’s learned along the way, Cotton reflects: “To answer that, I would say authenticity is key. Whether in writing, on television, or in life in general, being true to yourself is what connects you with others.

“We are all sometimes encouraged to put up a front and to shield ourselves from the world around us, yet at times, to be us is ultimately to be true to ourselves and those we share the world with, and that seems more important nowadays than ever before.”



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