Commercial Road Run Success!

Prestwich saw a cavalcade of primed and gleaming classic commercial vehicles for the first ever road run at the start of July.
With the procession starting at the Tesco car park, Prestwich and volunteer marshals including the Tesco Community Team rallying and selling programmes, the quality vehicles from a by-gone age began their 24-mile tour around the borough.

£500 was raised from the proceeds of the programmes with proceeds being split between two chosen charities, Creative Living Centre and The Bury Veterans Hub.

Creative Living Centre is an independent mental health charity in Prestwich, and The Bury Veterans Hub who support veterans and their families across Bury and surrounding areas.

Frank Shatliff who organised the inaugural event told Your Local BURY Magazine, “The event went really well, and we had a fantastic turnout with many people commenting on how it was lovely to see quality vehicles from a bygone age. We had a fantastic team of volunteers and who made the family event run smooth and we look forward to this becoming an annual event!

Picture shows a very happy George Ellis sitting in a Classic Bedford enjoying the day!


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