Cheap Summer breaks

1. Wroclaw, Poland
Average daily spend per visitor: £20
Situated on the Oder River and its four tributaries, Wroclaw is renowned for its bridges, with over 100 spanning the water. Look out for picturesque Market Square and traditional music venues.

2. Timisoara, Romania
Average daily spend per visitor: £36
Timisoara, the 2021 European Capital City of Culture, is compact, which means travelling around is easy for families, and at every turn there is history, culture and tourist appeal. Known as Little Vienna and the City of Flowers, it has a large number of monuments and statues, and over 40 parks and green spaces.

3. Cesky Krumlov
Average daily spend per visitor: £42
An incredibly pretty city, with an historic old town and some wonderful winding, cobbled streets. The picturesque setting of a horseshoe bend river with a huge ‘Disney style’ castle is what Cesky Krumlov is famous for.

4. Varna, Bulgaria
Average daily spend per visitor: £45
Perhaps most renowned for its famous ‘Gold of Varna’, 6,000-yearold Thracian jewellery discovered in a necropolis, Varna is a port city and seaside resort on Bulgaria’s Black Sea, with a bar-lined waterfront promenade, wonderful restaurants and beach vibes.

5. Maribor, Slovenia
Average daily spend per visitor: £55
With over four centuries of expert wine making, Maribor attracts people from all around with the promise of elegant grapes and wonderful aromas, all backed with cafes, restaurants and wonderful architecture, with mountain trails and ski slopes peeling off in the distance



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