Changing The Face Of Accessible Kitchen Design

Moorgate kitchens have recently become the lead suppliers of accessible kitchens in the North of England.
This is a monumental stride in the right direction and exciting news for those with disability needs including wheelchair users, amputees, aging communities and learning or visual impairments.

To introduce the range, Moorgate invited the Local community, Occupational therapists, Case managers, Personal injury solicitors and professionals within the ‘Rehabilitation for independence’ sector to join their celebratory event.
The evening was overflowing with excitement for the new range.

Bubbles, Fizz and flavorsome food cooked by celebrity master chef ‘Peter Sidwell’, followed by a mini accessible design workshop with industry expert ‘Adam Thomas’, networking, live plans and free advice for clients.

Freedom is a revolutionary product that not only helps increase independence but lifts the stigma on disabled design.
For so many years the options for home adaptation, especially in the kitchen, have been nothing less than an eye sore. Appliances have been unsafe to use, and designs offered merely scratched the surface on meeting the needs of its consumer.

Out of 100 people interviewed, it was recorded that 80% of them struggled accessing storage or important features within their kitchen. Of these people, ALL of them reported never using a manual rise and fall worktop since they moved in, simply due to being unable to operate it.

Familiar complaints in the minds of the less-abled or aging population were “What’s the point in having a kitchen if you can’t access the appliances and features within it?”
The freedom range has been developed as a solution to these grievances. Combining the latest kitchen design concepts with specialist features; ensuring safety and functionality without compromise on design, and further embracing these unique features to help support independent living scenarios.

Reliance upon assistance is reduced as a result of wi-fi or voice-activated ‘smart flexibility’ within its features.
Hard to access areas are no more thanks to skilled design and easy access storage solutions.

And better yet, Freedom is available in over 30 different styles, giving dazzling aesthetic options that can be tailored specifically around each individual client.

No more ‘sights for sore eyes’ in the kitchen or ‘clumsy’ adaptation fails.

It’s a range that revolutionises the future for wheelchair users, amputees, ageing communities, and learning or visual impairments. And best of all, it can be tailored to suit all members of the family!



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