Celebrity Getaways

We move into the spring hopeful that the whole world can open up to us again, just like in the days of old when arriving at an airport with passport in hand and a little currency could potentially deposit you to any place in the world.

If you’re looking for inspiration this year, perhaps follow the lead of the great and good of celebrity culture…

Bear Grylls, The Canadian Rockies
If you’re a tourist wanting to test yourself on your travels then you don’t need to go the whole hog straight away. Somewhere like the Canadian Rockies would be an incredible place to start – you get the wilderness and challenge of mountain conditions that can be explored, combined with fantastic access on road or train, great local people, and the chance to lay your head somewhere warm in the evenings. That’s almost perfect, to me!

Harry Styles, Stockholm
Scandinavia has always been a special place for me. Sweden never feels commercialised or overrun by the machine. People there seem chilled and approachable – I found it so different to other parts of Europe and really unique.

Chrissy Teigen, Lake Como
For me it has to be Lake Como. We have had the most amazing vacations there and it is a place that makes you feel special from the moment you arrive. There is the serenity of the lake, never too much going on, and beautiful little villages scattered around offering incredible places to eat and stunning mountain scenery.

Emma Stone, New York
It’s the diversity and honesty of New York that really engages me – you don’t get too swayed by the bright lights because there is a much saner, more natural edge around every corner.

Tribeca is cool and understated, and really I love the fashion district too, where everyone is defined by amazing clothes and original looks.

Jennifer Aniston, Greece
My father is Greek, so I’ve travelled to Greece a lot. I’m always keen to go back because it’s so beautiful and heavenly. My family still has a farm there and I love to spend time visiting the various islands.

I actually lived there for a year – in Athens, then Crete – when I was five and I can still speak a little Greek. All the memories are special, and I think that’s another reason why it feels so right going back.

Chris Hemsworth, Spain
My wife Elsa is Spanish, and in recent years we’ve fallen in love with the Canaries. It’s easy to hop across to beautiful cities such as Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid and so on, though I’m just as much a fan of those quaint coastal towns and villages – cobbled streets that are steeped in history and personality.



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