Bury Youngsters Celebrate Their First Published Book

Four siblings from Bury; Thaain (aged 16), Hadi (aged 15), Azaan (aged 11) and Shiza Zahid (aged 8) are delighted to have their first book published. Thaain is a computer enthusiast and cricket lover. Hadi loves science, nature, watching sci-fi and horror movies. Azaan teaches math on his YouTube channel and is called a “human calculator.” Shiza teaches science and English through her YouTube channel, and loves painting, baking, and playing cricket. She is also the youngest published author of 2020 (UK). The four imaginative youngsters have penned unforgettable tales of weird happenings and strange circumstances as they peer into the supernatural realm and explore the unknown. “Gifted Lies” (published by AuthorHouse UK) is a collection of 13 short stories packed with action and adventure, mystery and thrill, comedy and drama. From aliens to animals, horror to family relationships and much more, this book presents readers a series of entertaining and inventive tales. It touches on many topics that children go through their everyday life, such as bullying, cruelty to animals, betrayal in friendships and resolving relationship conflicts. Each story carries an element of easy feel-good factor finished with an open-ended conclusion.

An excerpt from “The Glorious Animal Kingdom” reads: “As the days passed, the flames got higher and stronger. And a day came when some animals were burnt and choked by the smoke. It was fast becoming a nightmare for the jungle animals. Many began to die and no one knew what to do.”

“Gifted Lies” by Thaain Zahid, Hadi Zahid, Azaan Zahid and Shiza Zahid is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


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