Bury Business Hits The Sweet Pot

Husband and wife team Jez and Lisa, like most families during Lockdown in Bury, were stuck inside the house and turned to online shopping to try and fulfil their sweet cravings. They became disheartened after they realised their search was in vain, but rather than just giving up, the duo saw an opportunity and decided to create their own brand, and a Spoonful of Sweets was born. Jes explained that “During the lockdown, Lisa ordered some pick and mix sweets online but was frustrated at the lack of options to choose her own favourites. On the occasion where there was an option, this was always more expensive. We decided to create a business selling sweets online, where customers could choose their own mix for no extra cost. We also wanted to provide quality sweets, so included well-known brands such as Haribo and Barratt.” This entrepreneurial couple were keen to focus on their packaging from the start. Lisa told Your Local Bury Magazine “The sweets we had previously purchased were in plastic bags or boxes which left the sweets stale and certainly not eco-friendly. We researched and identified a company who could supply us with re-sealable, biodegradable bags for our sweets. We then committed to making all of our packaging biodegradables and use cardboard boxes and paper tape for our postal deliveries” After completing a diploma on food safety and hygiene, the couple then learned how to build their own website, to make sure customers could order and see the delicious selection of treats they had available.

Lisa is delighted that they provide a free delivery service in the Bury area, offering contactless payment and that most orders are delivered on the same day! “So our customers don’t have to wait for their treats!” Lisa gushed. “The feedback we have received from our customers is amazing, complimenting us on the speed of delivery, the quality of the sweets and how fresh the re-sealable bags keep the sweets.” Jez also explained how they had developed a new range of sweets. “One of our close friends is a vegan and told us about the lack of vegan ‘pick and mix’ sweets available so we’ve expanded our range to include a variety of vegan and vegetarian sweets, which are proving to be very popular. We’ve also introduced a loyalty scheme rewarding our repeat customers and we’re adding new sweets to our collection on a regular basis”



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