Back In Black: The Most Popular Car Colours In The UK… And Why

The most popular colour of car for those rolling off the production line in 2020 was grey/silver, accounting for one in four cars. Continuing the shift from previous years, that kept black back in second place (with a 20% market share), after it lost top spot in 2018. White cars come in third (17.5%) with blue in fourth (17%).

That means those four colours account for very nearly seven out of 10 new cars in the UK.

An interesting shift towards lighter colours is thought to have come about because of electric cars. Typically, when purchasing these, there is thought to be a subconscious leaning towards brighter, more uplifting and emotionally positive colours – white particularly.

Overall car colours
Compared to overall (rather than just new) car numbers, black still leads the way, but only just. While there are 6.5million black vehicles currently on the roads, its cluster of nearest rivals – notably grey/silver and blue – are closing in!

Black and white in a colourful world?
Most people can offer reasons to both love and hate certain car colours. Having a black car, for instance, means dirt shows up less, and it’s perhaps the smoothest and most stylish of vehicles out there; yet many people dislike it for its formal nature.

White cars are known to hide scratches well, and the paint is typically cheaper than most other colours. There’s also the consideration that it reflects heat best and looks good, yet any sign of muddy splashes from the road will show up straight away.

As for grey/silver, dirt will rarely show up, and the shades to be the most preferred for company car fleets for that same reason of hiding untidiness. There’s also the saying, ‘since a grey car is never in fashion, it can never be out of fashion’, denoting the colour as a middle ground for those who perhaps are keener to enjoy a motor for what’s inside it or under the engine, rather than the colour of its outer shell.

Rarest colours
Beige, green, purple and yellow are thought to be the most unpopular car colours in the UK. Rare tones can give outgoing, outlandish and eccentric car users a lot of fun, but those same colours’ lack of popularity is as much to do with a low resale value… that is, unless you want to invest in a respray!



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