Are You Ready For Change?

Breaking Free from Old Patterns! Could hypnotherapy be the key to achieving your New Year’s resolutions?

So 2020 has been a whirlwind of a year and challenging to all of us in so many ways. Leaving 2020 behind I know for many will be a blessing, looking forward with a vision that 2021 will be a far brighter and a happier one. So as we move towards the end of this crazy year and into the New Year it might just be a time when we decide to start to think about our goals for the next 12 months and what we would like to achieve. If this is the year you really want to make lasting change, it may be time for you to consider getting a little extra help. And for many, hypnotherapy is the answer. Here are some of those resolutions you might want to get to grips with!

“I want to change my diet”

Our connection with food can be complicated and eating habits can be very difficult to break. Our relationship with food and the way we eat can be imbedded from our childhood, leading to some people turning to food when we need comfort. If you have tried and failed to change your eating habits in the past, you may want to look at your relationship with food and see if hypnotherapy can help to change your thought patterns and rekindle a positive relationship with food. Helping you understand the underlying reasons you do what you do and working to release those blockages and create a brand new pattern that is far more beneficial.

“I want to cut down/stop drinking alcohol”
So the month of January is when many of us feel a little worse for wear after the festivities of Christmas. Christmas often sees us drinking more than usual. If you’re keen to cut down on the amount you drink or even stop drinking altogether, seeing a hypnotherapist might help. A hypnotherapist can use suggestion techniques to help alter thought patterns that may lead to you drinking. This can act as reinforcement to your willpower and may prove to be the extra support you need to change your drinking habits for good.

“I want to quit smoking”

Maybe you have tried before and you quit for a while but then started again. Quitting smoking is tough, but the benefits to your health are undeniable. In the hypnotherapy session, this battle between the conscious and unconscious will be resolved, firstly by you understanding what is going on and secondly, while you are in a relaxed state trance state, your conscious and unconscious mind will work together as a team to enable you to quit the Smoking Habit. If it’s something you have struggled to do in the past, just a single Stop Smoking Session could help. Hypnotherapy is natural and safe, so you really have nothing to lose!

“I want to feel less stressed”

YOU ARE NOT ALONE! There are many people suffering from anxiety and stress and our brains are very complex when we’ve had enough of dealing with things or start to feel overwhelmed, it`s our brain telling us that it is time to take a step back and reset things. Feeling continuously stressed damages both our mental and physical health over time. Embracing self-care and making time for relaxation should be on everyone’s resolution list. If you know you’re prone to stress, you may want to explore how hypnotherapy can help you to Create Rapid Change through a Unique Experience. Insight Hypnotherapy is dedicated to helping create the best YOU!

By using a combination of revolutionary new techniques, and tried and tested processes that produce RAPID CHANGE, your journey with Insight Hypnotherapy is a totally unique experience.

Hayley Keimel, Insight Hypnotherapy.



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