Are You Considering Home Improvements?

A lifetime mortgage could be the funding solution for your grand plans.

During 2020 our homes became a safe haven from Covid-19. Restrictions placed on work and travel forced us to spend more time at home than we could ever have foreseen. It seems that for 2021 too, like it or not, we may have to follow the same rules as last year. The staycation is here to stay!

Partly for this reason, home improvements are high on many people’s agenda. Especially with homeowners over the age of 55. Of course, home improvements come at a cost, and often that can be a barrier to undertaking them.

The reason some people are taking this route is to ensure that their homes are “future proofed” for their retirement years. Improving and creating a better living environment can also add value to your property.

A lifetime mortgage could offer a funding to carry out your plans. Interest rates are at record lows and the option to make monthly payments is now becoming more popular with both lenders and consumers.

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Best wishes, David Griffin.



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