Andrew Overcomes Gym Fear To Become a PT

Andrew’s journey started following a health warning from the Doctor 6 years ago. He had never been to a gym before and the thought of it terrified him, so he engaged with a Personal Trainer and from that point, he never looked back.

In addition to weight loss, Andrew managed to come off his medication for anxiety and started to feel a lot better about himself. However, he found the first steps of walking into a gym really scary and it was with the help of his Personal Trainer, he built confidence and started to achieve some life goals.

Andrew said, “In 2020 I decided I wanted to help others who might be in my position, and I went on to pass the Personal Training qualification in 2021. I am 60 years of age, and I live in Bury and am also a part-time carer for my Mum. I feel fantastic and I know how much fitness has helped me get to a better place and I’d love to help others to do the same.”

Having set up a Personal Training business, AJ Lifestyle and Wellbeing, Andrew is now based at SO-FIT gym on Spring Lane, Radcliffe. SO-FIT is a new gym in Radcliffe that offers; 1 to 1 Personal Training, Group Training, Yoga and BoxFit and more.

“I know how intimidating walking into a gym can feel and would really like the opportunity to help others start their fitness journey. The start point is a conversation around each individual’s goals and ensuring the programme is tailored to those needs. I look at all aspects of Lifestyle and Well-being, including nutritional support and then work together on a programme to help you achieve those goals.”



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