African and Caribbean Women’s Centre Celebrates Black History Month

Women and girls of African descent celebrated Black History Month in Bury on 29 October 2021. The event was organised by African and Caribbean Women’s Centre, a registered charity set up to support black women and families facing hardship in Bury. This was the first time that this occasion was celebrated within black communities in Bury. Jumoke Ilevbabor, Founder stated that the event was celebrated to remember important people and events in the history of the African diaspora. The day was also used to raise awareness about the needs of black communities in Bury with a view to addressing those needs with other stakeholders. A Mental Health Awareness workshop aimed at supporting women to look after their mental health was part of the activities on the day.
African and Caribbean Women’s Centre is the first charity in Bury that was specifically set up to meet the needs of the black community. The charity started after Jumoke identified the needs of black women and families in Bury and decided to take action. In December 2020, African and Caribbean Women’s Centre began a mobile African Food Bank to provide culturally appropriate food to families struggling to feed due to ill health or loss of income. Without this support, these families would be without their traditional foods.
The project was made possible through funding from Resourcing Racial Justice. Jumoke said that ‘’due to the high demand for this service, we had to extend our reach to cover the whole of Bury”.
Other services provided by the charity include supporting women to get back into work, Women’s Wellbeing Workshops, money management advice and one to one key work sessions. They also provide signposting services to other agencies.



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