Our Story

A message from the publisher - Neil McCheyne

“Having been a fairly decent swimmer in my younger days I’d been privileged to represent Radcliffe & Bury across the country. I remember when we were competing they would announce your name, from Radcliffe or Bury and it always gave me a massive sense of pride to be representing my town – and still would if only I was fit enough to compete now!
Needless to say I’m a proud Bury lad, born in Radcliffe and educated in Prestwich. Publishing and distributing Your Local BURY magazine to the 6 towns across the borough was our main aim, so it’s great that we’ve been able to connect in such a big way to all our local communities & businesses.”


The journey into publishing started way back in 2002 when Neil launched & published a bi-monthly magazine for the water polo community, featuring local & national news, league tables, player profiles and articles.
Total Circulation 2,500 copies by subscription.


Neil founded The Radcliffe Directory to promote local businesses in his home town and delivered to 3,000 homes every month. Radcliffe Glass appeared on the Front Cover of Issue 1 and they remain enthusiastic about being included in the magazine every month, due to the response they get from advertising with us.
Total Circulation 3,000 homes & businesses.


Due to the positive feedback from local businesses and residents, we increase our distribution area to large parts of Whitefield and rename it The Radcliffe & Whitefield Directory.

Total Circulation 4,000 homes & businesses.


Following numerous requests from local residents and advertisers to deliver our magazine to additional areas, we create 3 separate publications of 3,000 copies each, and renamed them; Your Local Bury, Your Local Radcliffe and Your Local Whitefield.
Total circulation 9,000 homes & businesses.


The success of the 3 magazines generated further requests for us to deliver the magazine into more areas, which resulted in merging the 3 separate magazines into 1 new and much bigger publication. With the addition of a new re-brand of the front cover, the number of homes & business receiving Your Local BURY Magazine doubled to 20,000 copies per month!
Total circulation to 20,000 homes & businesses.


We were really proud to celebrate 10 years of promoting local businesses across the borough and arranged additional distribution routes to increase our circulation and reach a magical 50,000 homes over 2 months.
Total circulation to 50,000 homes & businesses.



To give our loyal advertisers even more value, we add an extra 10,000 homes to our distribution routes, taking Your Local BURY Magazine’s circulation from 50,000 to 60,000 homes over 2 months – Bury’s biggest ever publication.
Total circulation to 60,000 homes & businesses.


To celebrate 15 Years of advertising local businesses, we’re launching a New Website and New Online Business Directory for Businesses in Bury.

Watch out for Bigger things coming soon!