A Safe Way Out In An Emergency

Prestwich resident, David Villegas was living in an apartment with his wife and three small children and found himself pondering over the risk of fire in residential buildings. His concerns were not unfounded, as statistics show that the UK faces around 300 fire-related fatalities annually, with the number of building and dwelling fires reaching staggering five-digit figures.

David’s search for a viable fire escape solution led him to discover the MODUM Fire Escape Ladder, a product that has since revolutionized the concept of fire safety in multi-story buildings. The ladder, with its innovative folding system and construction from anodized aluminium, offers an elegant and discreet solution to the often overlooked issue of safe fire escapes. Resembling a drainpipe when not in use, this ladder is always ready for deployment within seconds, providing a safe and reliable means of escape from the first or second floor of a building.

What sets the MODUM Fire Escape Ladder apart is its adaptability. It can be installed on most buildings featuring an even wall, without significant protrusions or obstacles from the exit window to the ground. Its modular construction also allows one ladder to facilitate escape from several floors, making it an ideal solution for two to three-story buildings.

Designed and manufactured in Denmark, this internationally certified ladder embodies the renowned Danish quality. Its superior standards and use of the best materials have enabled the offering of an unprecedented 30-year warranty. Having gained widespread popularity in Scandinavian countries, the ladder is now a beacon of safety in the UK market.

David’s business, operating under the name SafeWayOut, has formed a close relationship with the ladder’s manufacturer, extending its reach throughout the UK. They offer installation services in the Greater Manchester area, although the ladder’s design also allows for relatively easy installation by DIY enthusiasts equipped with the right tools and a tall ladder.

More than just a product, SafeWayOut represents a commitment to customer needs, providing not only reliable service but also peace of mind. They emphasize the importance of having a safe escape route in addition to smoke alarms, which may warn of fire but don’t provide a means of escape. SafeWayOut also offers Access/Inspection Ladders and Rail Guards for trucks and trailers, utilizing the same high-quality folding system.

This venture, born from a family’s concern for safety, is now a symbol of security and preparedness, offering a solution that many hadn’t considered but now find indispensable. SafeWayOut isn’t just selling ladders; they’re providing a vital service – ensuring a safer way out in times of emergency.



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