A fresh new approach to training as a new beauty academy opens in Ramsbottom

Ramsbottom is now home to a new venture in the beauty industry, the Anne Louise Beauty Academy, spearheaded by Louise, a beauty educator with over 30-years’ experience. This new academy is not just a training centre; it’s a transformative space where Louise’s vast experience and passion for beauty education are brought to life, offering a fresh perspective on how beauty professionals are trained.

Louise’s career in beauty began with an entrepreneurial leap into the fashion industry, where she, alongside her family, ran a successful ladies fashion shop before expanding into the beauty sector. This journey laid the foundation for what would eventually become a comprehensive beauty business. Reflecting on her career, Louise shares, “The best part of my career is educating. I love to pass on my passion and knowledge to help others create their own successful beauty businesses.” This ethos is at the heart of Anne Louise Beauty Academy.

The academy offers a range of courses tailored to both aspiring beauticians and seasoned therapists. What sets these courses apart is their focus on not just skill acquisition but also on ensuring they are fully accredited and insurable, empowering graduates to confidently step into the world of beauty entrepreneurship.

Louise’s commitment to education extends beyond her academy. Her roles have varied from being a beauty lecturer at local colleges to contributing to professional beauty magazines and judging beauty competitions. Her dedication to staying current with industry trends ensures that the academy’s curriculum is both relevant and cutting-edge.

Anne Louise Beauty Academy represents a nexus of experience, passion, and innovation. It’s designed to cater to individuals who dream of carving out their own niche in the beauty industry. Through a blend of online and in-house courses, Louise and her team are committed to providing a comprehensive educational experience. This academy is more than just a school; it’s a launchpad for the next generation of beauty professionals, ready to make their mark in the industry.



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