A Design for Life… The Kevin McCloud Column

Designer, writer and television presenter, Kevin McCloud leapt into our consciousness with his vastly successful Grand Designs show on Channel 4. This month, the affable architectural business owner talks about individuality and belief.

I think sometimes people look at architecture as something that’s unattainable by us; yet in reality anyone can start with an idea or a concept; slowly, gradually, carefully acquiring skills so as to be able to turn some of those thoughts and ambitions into reality.

And the reward from that is two-fold – naturally you can do something that is based on your own timeframe and your own budget; but more importantly, forevermore you can look at something that you produced and know it came from within, it came from the heart.

When we produce, envisage, imagine and create a path for something that is our own creation and our own production, we add into it an element that is bespoke, that is individual and that, you would hope, will still hold a legacy for who we are and who we were in that very moment we created it, for decades to come.
That’s why I always want to encourage individuality in people who are passionate about putting their own fingerprint on their homes. And rather than just follow the guidelines and the trends and the fashions of the populous, get out there and find your own… and more than that, make that reality yourself, if you can.



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