A Design for Life… The Kevin McCloud Column

Designer, writer, and television presenter, Kevin McCloud leapt into our consciousness with his vastly successful Grand Designs show on Channel 4. This month, the affable architectural business owner talks about how ‘doing it yourself’ is not always the best solution.

With the art of home construction, understandably the allure of DIY is undeniable. It can be something of a romantic notion, rooted in the desire to imprint your own hands-on legacy upon the foundation of your home. However, while tending to your own jobs might offer a sense of accomplishment and personal touch, the complexities of home repairs or improvements demand expertise that goes beyond the reach of enthusiastic amateurs.

This is where the undervalued role of professionals, particularly surveyors, becomes irreplaceable. Surveyors are the unsung heroes of construction. They are the meticulous eyes that foresee potential pitfalls in the land and the structure. Their know-how is not just a luxury but a necessity, especially in projects that go beyond superficial aesthetics.

In home construction, each element from the foundation to the roofing, the electrical wiring to the plumbing, requires precise skills and knowledge. This is honed through years of training and experience, something a weekend DIY enthusiast cannot replicate.

The argument for professional involvement becomes even more compelling when we consider the legal and financial implications. Construction is bound by a web of regulations and standards. Professional builders and surveyors are well-versed in navigating these, ensuring that your home not only stands up physically but also to legal scrutiny. In addition, the potential cost savings from DIY are often illusory. Mistakes can be costly, and rectifying them can surpass the initial expense of hiring a professional.

However, this is not to diminish the value of personal involvement, and there’s a balance to be struck. Homeowners should be encouraged to engage with the process, to understand and appreciate the craft and complexity of building. This rendezvous, however, should be in collaboration with professionals, not in place of them.

Of course, for those on a tight budget, the challenge is indeed greater. Yet, it’s crucial to prioritize spending on professional expertise for critical aspects of the build. Creative solutions, like phased construction or partial DIY in less critical areas, can help align financial constraints with the necessity of professional input.

It is a wise decision that ensures the safety, legality, and durability of our most cherished spaces. There is a part for the homeowner, but the lead must be left to the maestros – the trained professionals who turn blueprints into realities that stand the test of time.



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