7 Tips to Make Your Print Ad More Engaging

Success in print advertising requires a strategic approach to achieve the desired results. And, as small business owners, it can be challenging to know what customers need from us.

We wanted to share some tips with you to help ensure that whether you are already advertising, considering leaflets, or just promoting your business in general, you focus on the most important aspects.

Tips to Make Your Print Ad More Engaging

1. Bold, Clear Headline:
One of the biggest mistakes people make is thinking the logo should always be the biggest and first thing people see. It’s not. Customers want to know what you do before who you are. Ensure you capture attention with a strong headline that conveys the main message quickly.

2. Concise Copy:
Keep your text short and focused on benefits. Use bullet points for clarity and impact.

3. Strong Call to Action:
Guide your audience on the next step with clear directives like “Call Now,” “Visit Us Today,” or “Learn More.”

4. Consistent Branding:
It’s important to reflect your business identity through consistent use of colours, fonts, and logos to build recognition and trust.

5. Avoid Too Much Info:
Avoid overcrowding your ad. Whitespace makes your ad look clean and focused, enhancing readability.

6. Readability:
Choose easy-to-read fonts and ensure good contrast between text and background to make your ad easily readable.

7. Clear Contact Information:
Include easily findable contact details, whether it’s a phone number, website, or physical address so it’s clear how to make contact.

By following these tips, you can create print ads that not only attract attention but also drive action. If you think your advert needs amending or maybe you have thought about advertising but don’t know where to start with design, we can help. Call one of the team on 0161 280 2588 or email neil@yourlocalbury.co.uk.



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