5 Ways To Support Local Businesses During Lockdown

In these uncertain times, many of us have had our lives turned upside down, particularly our local businesses who keep the heart of our towns thriving. Whilst we support the government’s efforts to keep the coronavirus outbreaks at bay, staying home and shop closures means local businesses are in danger of suffering a great financial loss.

So what can we do to help support our beloved local businesses? Ultimately, it’s up to us, the local communities to keep supporting local businesses. Below we have provided a short summary of things we know will mean a lot to each of your favourite local business in this uncertain time.


Gift cards

Right now businesses are in need of cash flow, one of the best ways to support local businesses is to purchase gift cards to use further down the line. Not only is this a way to support the local business now whilst they may have to close but see it as a treat to look forward to, which in turn will increase exposure by introducing your family and friends.


Shop at your local butchers/Food Market

Your first thought when it comes to your weekly food shop may be to head straight to Asda, Tesco, Lidl or a big supermarket. Instead, take time to think about the local businesses who can provide you with these essentials…Many local butchers, fruit and veg shops and garden centres are offering great bundles and contact-free delivery during these items. Equally, boutiques, crafts and other small businesses are now offering online shops to stay open, these are great options for Christmas presents!


Use delivery services

Whilst dining is temporarily unavailable, takeaways and food deliveries are still allowed. Most restaurants are finding themselves having to adapt to these terms by offering a delivery service as their main source of income.

Make sure to check if your favourite independent restaurant is offering a take out service. If so, remember to be patient and understanding if an order takes longer than usual, some business have been forced to offer this new service in a short space of time.


Postpone – don’t cancel

Many of us will be forced to change our plans in the next coming months due to the new restrictions but instead of cancelling that birthday meal or day out, postpone it for another day to support the future of the business! This provides some security for the business in the months to come.


Utilize social media

There is no denying the power of social media these days. So let’s use it! Review, like and share your favourite business for all of your friends and family to see. Many businesses are using competitions to engage with their customers for when the time comes to re open, make sure to enter. This doesn’t only show support but you could win and who doesn’t like to win!?


All of the tips above are simple ways to make a big difference to a small business. We love local, let’s show it!



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