Meet the Traders – Bury Market

The Shoe Place

Stall 3 – Market Plaza

Bury Market – October 2022

Alan Garman is the owner of the business now known as The Shoe Place. It was established in 1940 and Alan started the Bury Market stall in November 1972. He has worked here every market day since, running the family business. They stock 100’s of different styles of shoes and boots and Alan estimates he has sold up to 100 pairs of shoes each week, for 50 years! Alan loves working on the market and affectionately refers to his trader colleagues as his “market family.”When asked how he feels about working on cold wintery days Alan smiled and said, “I love the bad weather, I sell more boots in the winter!”Alan has no plans to retire, as long as good health permits Alan wants to carry on working for as long as he can.


Chadwick’s Original Black Puddings

Stall 7 – Edward Block

Mary Sinacola started on the market in the days when the family stall had no refrigeration. It wasn’t until 1982 that were they given one plug socket! The business was originally established in 1865. Mary’s father, Edwin Chadwick, bought the business in 1972. Mary was still at school when she started working in the family business, however she confesses because of her immediate love of working on the market she rarely went to school. Mary has worked every day on the market for the last 50

Bury Market – October 2022

years, except for holidays, etc. If Mary wasn’t seen at the market, she was at home making black puddings ready for the next market day. Good health permitting, Mary has no plans to retire! Mary also reminisced about visiting Alan Garman’s shoe stall many years ago. She says that it was the only place you could buy platform shoes!


The Market Office is open 9am to 4pm every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and can be contacted on 0161 253 6520 or through email at on social media- Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.Website:



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