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The Travelling Cobbler

…From Radcliffe Market

Bury Market September DSCN0879It’s been a case of around the world and back again for Radcliffe market trader Brendan Farrington. Brendan runs his shoe repair & key cutting business, called Rapid Repairs, from inside the newly refurbished Radcliffe Market. Since establishing his business about 10 years ago, customers return again and again for the fantastic service and skill offered by Brendan.

He can make almost any alterations to leather products, from shoes, handbags or even a dog’s harness! He also offers precision key cutting, hand engraving of pets’ ID tags and replacement of watch batteries.

“I’ll do jobs nobody else will do like golf bag repairs, tac repairs and alterations to shoes and leather goods. I try to do a brilliant job at a fantastic price -and that is why we have a good customer base.”

Brendan learned his trade as an apprentice after leaving school in 1980.

“I managed to get an apprenticeship at Timpsons in the Manchester Arndale and I really enjoyed it. I did lots of shoes for snooker players like Spencer and Higgins and also repaired football boots for the Man City team. I even did work for the cast of Corrie!”

Brendan, now 50, took a few years out to travel the world, taking all sorts of jobs to fund his adventure.

Sparks fly as Brendan  goes to work athis Rapid Repair business

Sparks fly as Brendan  goes to work at his Rapid Repair business

“I just got to point where I thought, ‘I  want to go and see the world’, and so off I went!” said Brendan.

“I did all sorts of jobs while I travelled, such as a DJ, waiter, barman, caravan seller and I even got trained as a fire-eater to entertain the holidaymakers on a French campsite”

After his travels, Brendan eventually returned home and set up his successful shoe repair & key cutting business.

“When I’m not working most of my time is taken up by my grandson and watching City. I try and do a couple of trips to watch them in Europe, work permitting.



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